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Goals and Objectives

The Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1983 to promote the social, ethical, philanthropic, cultural, educational and intellectual interests of its members while preserving and promoting the ideal and traditions of Hellenism and supporting the objectives, programs and goals of the Daughters of Penelope.


To Conduct Research

To foster and conduct research in the fields of art, education, science, public affairs, particularly as these subjects impact upon the lives of women as citizens, homemakers, volunteers, organization participants and/or as employed workers, and to make such research materials available to the public.


To Educate

To educate the public and women in loyalty to the USA, or any other country in which a chapter exists, obedience to its laws, reverence for its history and traditions. To arouse the interest of its members in the duties of citizenship and to cultivate the ideals and traditions of Hellenism as a contribution to the development of North America.


To Preserve

To establish and maintain a library and research center devoted to the collection, preservation, correlation, and dissemination of publications and records in the above named fields and of historical facts and other topics of current interest and value to the advancement of society.


To Promote Excellence

To encourage standards of excellence in public school education and in higher education by giving scholarship assistance, and issue special awards, scholarships and recognitions for signal performances within the objects and purposes of the Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc.


To Unify

To encourage, cooperate and unite with other persons, organizations, trusts and foundations having common concerns in efforts to improve the legal, educational, economic and cultural conditions.