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The Foundation’s selection of Kids Books

The Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc. began The Children’s Literacy Project in 2002.  The first kids book offered was “Marianthe’s Story” by the popular Greek/American children’s author, Aliki.  The proceeds from the sales of Penelope’s Books and the Book Club have been earmarked for a perpetual scholarship.

We encourage you to continue to purchase Penelope’s Books – use them as gifts for family and friends, but more importantly, purchase them and donate them to your local hospitals, schools, libraries and women’s shelters to benefit children who may not be able to afford their own book.

Simply click on the kids book covers below and you will be directed to All books purchased through the Foundation’s website will see a minimum return of 6% – at no additional cost to you and will contribute to a scholarship fund.   What a wonderful opportunity!

Penelope’s Books:


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Books by Anna Prokos:

The Foundation also supports the books written by author Anna Prokos. Click on any of the book below to order.

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