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 Book Club Selections for this month – June 2017

Each other month the Book Club Chairman makes her Book Club Selections and shares them on this page. Check this page monthly for her message and book selections.

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Main Selection

Big Little Lies | Liane Moriarty

Big Little Lies tells a story of three women who are each at a crossroads: Madeline, a very strong woman, remembers everything and forgives no one. She is dealing with the uncomfortable situation of her ex-husband and his new wife moving into her beachside community. Celeste, a beautiful woman who makes the world stop and stare, is grappling with a very dangerous issue. Jane, a young, sad single mom who harbours doubts about her son, is new to the community. Madeline and Celeste take Jane under their wing, not realizing how Jane and her little boy will affect them.

Amazon Review

The #1 New York Times bestseller that Entertainment Weekly called “a surefire hit.”

Sometimes it’s the little lies that turn out to be the most lethal…
A murder…a tragic accident…or just parents behaving badly?  
What’s indisputable is that someone is dead. But who did what?

Big Little Lies follows three women, each at a crossroads​.

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Discussion Questions | Big Little Lies

Greek Selection

Anatoli | Sossa Berni Plakidas

Anatoli is based on the author’s life as a child during WWII and the Greek Civil War, and then as guest-worker in post-war Germany. It is a remarkably vivid, often harrowing, eye-witness record of the experience of Greek families who fled the German Occupation of Ikaria for refugee camps in the Belgian Congo. To the author, the lure of the jungle was irresistible. Two little African boys taught her jungle games and Swahili. One adventure after another was a lesson about life and the world.

Amazon Review

From the Translator’s Desk:  To improve my Greek, I began reading ANATOLI, and soon realized it is a chapter of WWII history that deserves international attention. Hence, this first English edition and soon the first German. This novel about Sossa’s life as a child during WWII and the Greek Civil War, and then as guest-worker in post-war Germany is a remarkably vivid, often harrowing, eye-witness record of the experience of Greek families who fled from the German Occupation of Ikaria to refugee camps in the Belgian Congo. To Sossa and her younger brother—her playmate, “Phoebus” in the novel—the lure of the jungle was irresistible. There, they met two little African boys who taught them jungle games and Swahili. When this English edition was in progress, Sossa, by long-distance phone call, told me the new conclusion to Chapter 14: “Is God white or black?” her classmates had argued the day she and her brother, playing in the river on a big, flat rock, were suddenly surrounded by a huge python. Its fangs were flicking, and it seemed to be smiling, even as its hungry jaws threatened. The terrified children were saved by the father of their African playmates, Akouarella. Cleverly, he mesmerized the snake so as to snatch them away, back to their home. That night, saying their prayers, Sossa and her brother agreed, “God is Black!” One adventure after another is a lesson about Life, “how the World works.” Soon after he saved them, they were horrified to see Akouarella, wrongfully accused of thievery, seized by a wild lynching mob and left hanging from a gallows tree Thus, the children learn that, alas, Virtue is not always its own reward; nor does Good always triumph over Evil.

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Discussion QuestionsAnatoli

Just for Fun Selection

Gods Behaving Badly | Marie Phillips

Being a Greek god today is not what it used to be. The twelve gods of Mount Olympus are alive and well, and living together in an old, rundown house in London. And on top of that, they’ve had to get day jobs. And they are not happy about it, resulting in a lot of quarreling. But their minor squabbles are escalating into an epic battle of wills. Two unfortunate humans, Alice and Neil, get caught up in the crossfire. Will they be able to save the world?

WARNING: Course language and themes.

Amazon Review

From Publishers Weekly
British blogger Phillips’s delightful debut finds the Greek gods and goddesses living in a tumbledown house in modern-day London and facing a very serious problem: their powers are waning, and immortality does not seem guaranteed. In between looking for work and keeping house, the ancient family is still up to its oldest pursuit: crossing and double-crossing each other. Apollo, who has been cosmically bored for centuries, has been appearing as a television psychic in a bid for stardom. His aunt Aphrodite, a phone-sex worker, sabotages him by having her son Eros shoot him with an arrow of love, making him fall for a very ordinary mortal-a cleaning woman named Alice, who happens to be in love with Neil, another nice, retiring mortal. When Artemis-the goddess of the moon, chastity and the hunt, who has been working as a dog walker-hires Alice to tidy up, the household is set to combust, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Fanciful, humorous and charming, this satire is as sweet as nectar.

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Children’s Book Suggestion

Animal Encounters | Agnes Bellegris

Written by Canadian Daughters of Penelope member Agnes Bellegris, this is a children’s book that she is proud to share with her Sisters worldwide and she hopes you will enjoy.

Author Agnes Bellegris invites readers to notice the large and small creatures that surround us. They create abundance in our world and our lives. The horse, for instance, is fun to pet, but it also carries us on its back and made travel possible before cars and planes existed. The sweet lamb eats grass to stay healthy and, in turn, grows wool that warms our bodies. The graceful cow provides milk for our nourishment. Even the magpie entertains with her colourful squawk! Dogs are loyal friends—unless they see a squirrel. Then, they might go for a run, but they always come back smiling. Donkeys like being fed carrots, and if you’re nice, they might even serenade you with a “hee-haw.” Accompanied by original artwork, every meeting described in Animal Encounters was inspired by the author’s own real life experiences with these wonderful beasts and birds.

The Daughters of Penelope Foundation Inc. will also have this book for sale at the National Convention in July.


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