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 Book Club Selections for this month – April 2017

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Main Selection

The Perfect Neighbors | Sarah Pekkanen

This book is about the residents of an idyllic suburban neighborhood. As we meet the resident families of Newport Cove we discover that every family has a secret. When a new family moves into this quiet, tree-lined cul-de-sac, they seem friendly enough. But soon, it becomes apparent that the Campbells are hiding the biggest secret of all.

Amazon Review

How well do you ever really know the family next door?

Bucolic Newport Cove, where spontaneous block parties occur on balmy nights and all of the streets are named for flowers, is proud of its distinction of being named one the top twenty safest neighborhoods in the US. It’s also one of the most secret-filled.

Kellie Scott has just returned to work after a decade of being a stay-at-home mom. She’s adjusting to high heels, scrambling to cook dinner for her family after a day at the office—and soaking in the dangerous attention of a very handsome, very married male colleague. Kellie’s neighbor Susan Barrett begins every day with fresh resolutions: she won’t eat any carbs, she’ll go to bed at a reasonable hour, and she’ll stop stalking her ex-husband and his new girlfriend. Gigi Kennedy seems to have it all together—except her teenage daughter has turned into a hostile stranger and her husband is running for Congress, which means her old skeletons are in danger of being brought into the light.

Then a new family moves to this quiet, tree-lined cul-de-sac. Tessa Campbell seems friendly enough to the other mothers, if a bit reserved. Then the neighbors notice that no one is ever invited to Tessa’s house. And soon, it becomes clear that Tessa is hiding the biggest secret of all.

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Discussion Questions | The Perfect Neighbors

Greek Selection

The Bitter Lemons of Cyprus | Lawrence Durrell

This book is a classic, depicting life on Cyprus in the mid 1950s, during the struggle for independence for freedom of the island from British colonial rule. It is almost diary-like, describing  Lawrence Durrell’s stay on Cyprus. Winner of the Duff Cooper Memorial Prize, a masterly combination of memoir and travelogue.

Amazon Review

Bitter Lemons of Cyprus is Lawrence Durrell’s unique account of his time in Cyprus, during the 1950s Enosis movement for freedom of the island from British colonial rule. Winner of the Duff Cooper Memorial Prize, it is a document at once personal, poetic and subtly political – a masterly combination of travelogue, memoir and treatise. “He writes as an artist, as well as a poet; he remembers colour and landscape and the nuances of peasant conversation…Eschewing politics, it says more about them than all our leading articles…In describing a political tragedy it often has great poetic beauty.” (Kingsley Martin, New Statesman). “Durrell possesses exceptional qualifications. He speaks Greek fluently; he has a wide knowledge of modern Greek history, politics and literature; he has lived in continental Greece and has spent many years in other Greek islands…His account of this calamity is revelatory, moving and restrained. It is written in the sensitive and muscular prose of which he is so consummate a master.” (Harold Nicolson, Observer).

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Discussion QuestionsBitter Lemons of Cyprus

Just for Fun Selection

My Life with George | Judith Summers

When Judith Summers met George, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she and her young son, Joshua, were mourning the deaths of her husband and her father, who had died barely two weeks apart. It was love at first sight and before long George ruled the roost in Judith’s home. Just as his naughtiness was boundless, so was his devotion to her and her son. This book is the hilarious story of the impossible but adorable George, and of the wonderful way in which he helped to fill a huge void in the lives of Judith and Joshua while driving them absolutely barking mad along the way.

Amazon Review

For anyone who has ever loved an incorrigible pet or known what it was like to lose a loved one, My Life with George is the hilarious and moving account of the impossible but adorable George, and of the wonderful way in which he helped to fill a huge void in the lives of both Judith and her son while driving them absolutely barking mad along the way.

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Cookbook Suggestion

Tasting Greece | Alexia Papadopoulou

TASTING GREECE is an adventurous journey into the cradle of civilization and the land of the Gods of Olympus. 

The Greek cuisine is inexhaustible, and the food is simple and elegant, nutritious and healthy with rich flavors. With a few simple ingredients we can have healthy, nutritious and absolutely delicious meals.

For the Greeks the food is not just a meal ‘ for this reason family meals are very important. This book provides the best authentic and unique Greek recipes for all kinds of Greek dishes.

Enjoy and Kali Orexi !!




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