Board of Directors

All members of the Board of Directors are themselves members of the Daughters of Penelope.

These elected Board Members jointly oversee the activities of the Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc. on a voluntary basis. We wish to thank these members of the Daughters of Penelope for their service.


2017/2018 Executive Officers

  • President  ∫   Joanne Booras, PGP
  • Vice President  ∫   Despina Chrisohou, PCP
  • Secretary   ∫   Barbara Maligas, PGG
  • Treasurer  ∫   Patricia Galanis
  • Director at Large   ∫   Ramona Chrisohou
  • Founding President   ∫   Sonja Stefanadis, PGP


Executive Directors

  • Anna Argyris
  • Helen Beldecos, PGP
  • Anna-Helene Grossomanides, PGP
  • Beverly Kennedy
  • Angela Magrames
  • Carol Stathopoulos
  • Eva Jean Formalot* – Grand President DOP
  • Demi Thomas* – Grand Vice President DOP

* non-voting members

Past President Advisory Board

  • Georgette Boulegeris
  • Kim Collum
  • Athena Economy
  • Mary Filou, PGP
  • Kiki Hartz
  • Vasilia Kachmarski, PCP
  • Irene Margelos
  • Joanna Merakos, PGP
  • Evellyn Tsiadis, PGP
  • Melva Zinaich


If you are a member of the Daughters of Penelope and are interested in becoming a Volunteer Board Member, contact the Foundation President and if we have an opening we will be sure to forward you an application.

The Foundation must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Code. We are responsible for keeping accurate records, adhering to the laws that affect Scholarship Grant Programs, as well as other charitable activities. We have a fiduciary responsibility for maintaining the funds of the Foundation.

2018 Board of Directors Application