Funding given to the foundation through our membership and individual donations assist us in promoting the objectives of the Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc. and the Daughters of Penelope in many ways.

Our membership and community at large have been enriched through the following projects spearheaded by the foundation:

   Bridges Incentive Grant Program

The program was established to recognize and support local and district incentives that would build a bridge between the Daughters of Penelope and the communities we live in, while promoting the ideals of the Daughters of Penelope through community service and family excellence.

The Foundation will recognize a select number of exemplary programs/projects that benefit a local qualified 501(c)3 organization within your chapter or district area. The chapters and districts selected as grant recipients will have a matching grant donation up to $250 donated by the Foundation in their name to their qualified 501(c)3 organization. All applicants not selected are encouraged to reapply for the awards in the next call for proposals.

More details and application

  The Greek Immigrant Oral History Study

The Daughters of Penelope Foundation has recorded hundreds of hours of dialogue chronicling the history of Greek Immigrants to the United States and Canada. Gathered and compiled by our membership, this historic work is deposited in the library of Congress in Washington, DC, the University of Minnesota Archives Center, and the Library of Congress in Athens, Greece.

We have the distinction of creating the only study of this kind in the Congressional Library in Washington.

   Hellenic Legacy of the Arts

An exquisite marble statue of Penelope, created by 19th century American sculptor Franklin Simmons, stands on exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, California. This gift from the Daughters of Penelope, pays tribute to our founding city of San Francisco on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Daughters of Penelope on November 16, 1929.

The Foundation’s pledge of $25,000 to the DeYoung Museum in the name of the Daughters of Penelope has been fulfilled.

>  San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum

    Bi-Annual Symposium

Prominent authors, sociologists, musicians, entertainers, innovators and historians are enlisted to offer a presentation at the Supreme Convention for delegates, members and public alike.

The Symposium has always been offered to everyone free of charge with compliments of the Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc.

An example of some previous Symposium guests include:

  • Steven Tsitsos (musician)
  • Vicki Vlachakis (automobile designer)
  • Hope Mihalop (comedian)
  • Yannis Simonides (actor – The Apology of Socrates)
  • Yiannis Karavas (NASA – Student)
  • Edie Delegans (Opera Vocalist and Vocal Coach)
  • Spiro Razatos (Multi-award winning action director, stunt-coordinator and stunt performer)
   Literacy Project

The Literacy Project includes “Penelope’s Books” and Daughters of Penelope Foundation Book Club.

The Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc. began the “Children’s Literacy” project in 2002. The first book offered was “Marianthe’s Story” by the popular Greek/American children’s author, Aliki. In the five years of this project we sold nearly 6,000 books.

In 2009, the Foundation looked at ways to include adults in our literacy project and came up with the idea of forming a Daughters of Penelope Book Club. Each month committee members select one main-stream selection, one book written by a Greek author or with a Greek theme and one “Just for Fun” or gift selection. All books are ordered and shipped through in the US and in Canada and the Foundation realizes a 6% return on ANY item ordered through our online Book Club store.

The Foundation organizes discussion questions, an online chat room and a monthly e-newsletter for all Book Club members at no charge to members. Proceeds from the Book Club are earmarked for a perpetual scholarship.

Our mission for the Literacy Project is to:
– To promote reading for young and old alike
– To promote education through literature
– To build community relations
– To contribute books to local libraries, schools, hospitals, and shelters
– To celebrate authors of Hellenic descent
– To publicize the Daughters of Penelope and the Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc.

>  Information on the Foundation Book Club

   The District Governor’s Seminar

The Foundation assists the Grand President and her Lodge by underwriting motivational speakers to address the new District Governors at the annual Fall Conference.

   Penelope’s Library

In 2006, as a result of a generous donation given by Past Grand President and Past Foundation President, Evellyn Tsiadis, ten $250.00 grants were awarded to chapters for the purpose of establishing libraries in shelters and other long-term facilities. An 11th grant was funded by Past Grand President JoAnn Pagonis. The libraries were named “Penelope’s Library.” In addition to the grant each chapter was presented with copies of Aliki books and a “Penelope’s Library” plaque from the Foundation.