Bridges Incentive Program


What is the Bridges Incentive Grant Program?

The program was established to recognize and support local and district incentives that would build a bridge between the Daughters of Penelope and the communities we live in, while promoting the ideals of the Daughters of Penelope through community service and family excellence.

The Foundation will recognize a select number of exemplary programs/projects that benefit a local qualified 501(c)3 organization within your chapter or district area. The chapters and districts selected as grant recipients will have a matching grant donation up to $250 donated by the Foundation in their name to their qualified 501(c)3 organization. All applicants not selected are encouraged to reapply for the awards in the next call for proposals.

Funding for the incentive grant comes from the Foundation directly. As the program expands, it is possible that there may be contributors who would like to fund the program. If so, the benefactor’s name would then be recognized in all printed materials associated with the Bridges Incentive Grant Program.

What are the Program’s Goals?

    • To strengthen our bonds in our local communities bridging the gap between the Daughters of Penelope and the communities we live in


    • To reward and encourage creativity and innovation in the Daughters of Penelope


    • To perpetuate the works of our Order at the grass roots level


    • To promote volunteering, charitable giving and family excellence


    • To motivate and inspire membership participation


  • To stimulate the development of new ideas

What Kind of Projects will the Foundation Support?

The Foundation will support unique civic, cultural, educational or charitable programs that benefit a qualified 501(c)3 organization within the local chapter or district area. The projects selected must be implemented and completed by the deadline of each year and have the potential to radiate excellence. By this, we mean that the project should lend itself to serving as a model for other chapters or districts to adapt, modify, or replicate, thereby strengthening the entire organization. The selected 501(c)3 organization should be in existence for a minimum of 5 years.

Grants Awarded:

Applicant: Aphrodite Chapter 374, District 5, Toms River, NJ


Ashley Lauren Foundation | 2015 Grant Winner
The goal of The Ashley Lauren Foundation is to ease the journey when pediatric cancer is diagnosed by providing direct financial, material and emotional assistance, along with our many programs developed to bring smiles to the children.Learn more

Applicant: Charai Chapter 79, District 17, Salt Lake City, UT
Saint Sophia School | 2015 Grant Winner
Saint Sophia School focuses on early childhood education, offering a quality program at affordable tuition rates. Their mission is to provide our young children with a foundation for continuous intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical growth. Learn more

Applicant: Eros Chapter 356, District 2, New Port Richey, FL
Cypress Elementary School | 2016 Grant Winner
Eros chapter supported the Pack-A-Sack Program which feeds 16 elementary children during the weekends. They did this during the entire school year.>  Learn more

Iris Chapter #242, Grand Blanc/Flint, MI

YWCA Circle of Women | 2018 Grant Winner
Iris Chapter supported the Circle of Women Luncheon supporting domestic violence and sexual assault. >  Learn more

Antiklea Chapter #68, Richmond, VA
Caritas – Red Tent for Homeless Women | 2018 Grant Winner
Antiklea Chapter collected feminine hygiene supplies within the community and supplied publicity for the cause with signs flyers and brochures.>  Learn more

Altes Chapter #163, Mercerville, NJ

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation | 2018 Grant Winner
Altes Chapter supported the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation through a gift auction, auction, raffle and food sales.>  Learn more

Daphne Chapter #29, San Jose, CA
Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence | 2018 Grant Winner
Daphne Chapter supported the Winter Open House and members volunteered to assist NDS with this annual program to hold a one-day holiday social event for their clients. They hosted an ornament craft table.>  Learn more

What Form Should a Proposal Take?

1.       A cover letter of transmittal endorsing the proposal and signed by the Chapter President “if it is a chapter proposal” or the District Governor “if it a district proposal”

2.       A cover page which lists the following in this order:

1.       Chapter name and number and/or District name and number.

2.       Contact person’s name, current office held, address, phone # and email address.

3.       Priority Area(s)

1.       Civic

2.       Cultural

3.       Educational

4.       Charitable

4.       Title of Project

3.       A two page summary of the project that includes:

1.       A brief description of the project

2.       Budgetary considerations

3.       Its goals,/objectives

4.       Benefits or results achieved

5.       Name and mailing address of the 501(c)3 organization that will benefit from this grant and website address if applicable

4.       A one page timeline of specific tasks that would be necessary for the implementation/replication of the project.

5.       Additional comments, up to one page, which may address:

1.       How the project will help others to attain a higher level of excellence in their own community

2.       Success stories or personal testimonies

6.       Copies of Press Releases from your local newspaper, if it applies.

7.       Proof that the organization is a 501(c)3 organization must accompany grant application in order to be considered. Please provide a copy of the organization’s most recent 501(c)3 letter.

8.       A copy of your tax deductible receipt(s) for the donation(s) from the 501(c)3 organization or a letter on the 501(c)3 letterhead regarding the donation amount and what it was for.

The matching grant donation will be dollar for dollar with a maximum limit of $250.

The donation will be made by the Foundation in honor of the chapter/district’s name to the single, qualified 501(c)3 organization on your application. Multiple organizations on one application will not be accepted.

Proposals will be acknowledged within 2-4 weeks of receipt and the Foundation will announce the recipients at the Supreme Convention.

  Download 2021 Application
(Deadline May 1, 2021 – 4 grants are available in 2021)
Questions? Email Chairman