The Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc. believes education is the primary path toward advancement of women in today’s society.


Under the direction of the Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc., the Daughters of Penelope have granted hundreds of thousands of dollars to AHEPA Family-related women toward a variety of scholarships. Undergraduate and postgraduate awards are available.

Districts, Chapters, and/or Individuals can underwrite a scholarship in honor of or in memory of an individual, family, or group of their choice. In order to underwrite a perpetual scholarship today, a donation of at least $30,000 must be made. Not only can a donation be made to establish a new award, a contribution can also be made to one that has already been established.

Scholarships can be established in a number of ways. Donors have remembered The Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc. in their wills, some have established trusts in which the The Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc is named as a beneficiary, some have considered a life income agreement, while others have donated appreciated securities. Before making a planned gift, we recommend that you meet with your attorney or tax advisor to discuss the financial and tax implications of your charitable contribution.


Our Mandate

The Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc. has been mandated with the responsibility towards our scholarship program to:

  • Promote the program
  • Acquire funding for new scholarships
  • Steward funds
  • Maintain historical information
  • Enhance the program


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