Pay It Forward Scholarship

Educational Scholarship giving is one of the oldest projects of the Daughters of Penelope, which started in 1951 when Zoe Ganos from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, received the first Daughters of Penelope Scholarship.

Pay it Forward is a concept that dates back to Benjamin Franklin in 1784. It is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed and repaying it to others.

The Daughters of Penelope Foundation Pay It Forward Scholarship was designed to be a vehicle for past scholarship recipients to show their gratitude and Pay it Forward to the next generation of Daughters of Penelope Scholarship Recipients.

This scholarship fund is expected to grow over time, as does the roster of Foundation scholarship recipients. In order to establish this scholarship, we must first raise $30,000 in funds.

We need your help. Would you kindly consider donating to this scholarship fund or perhaps you would like to donate in memory of a deceased recipient? Any amount will help and there are many donation options from which you may choose.

All donor names will be listed on the Daughters of Penelope Foundation Pay It Forward Scholarship biography given to the scholarship recipients and on our website.

Further, your employer or your spouse’s employer may offer a matching gift program. This will help double your donation. All donations are tax-deductible.

 Pay It Forward Information Flyer